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Google I/O, Apps, and App Engine April 7, 2008

Posted by JR Dixey in outside events.
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A link to what I thought might be the announcement of the very cool sounding Google App Engine SDK (for which I was, alas, too late to be one of the lucky first 10,000 to sign up) turned out to be a link to Google I/O, a developer conference focused on the Google platform, coming up May 28-29th at Moscone Center in San Francisco. Ajax, Mashups, and Code, Oh My! Sounds like a whole lot of fun for only $50 (student registration price).

If you’re keen on developing cutting edge web apps using Google’s SDK, follow the App Engine link, download the SDK, and sign up for email notification when they open it up to more users. Or, if you just want to link online documents, calendaring, and a website, go for Google Apps. It’s free for students, and there are 120 other UBC students already signed up.

Update: More on Google App Engine, from the good folk at Ars Technica.

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