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Playing in the Sandbox September 29, 2008

Posted by JR Dixey in meetings.

Approximately 20 first and second year students gathered together last Tuesday for an introduction to using wikis for classroom collaboration. In pairs, students explored both pbwiki and wikidot to compare features in both applications. Sample SLAIS Sandbox sites were created in both wiki applications and students practiced modifying the sites by creating pages with links to their favorite restaurants.

The added bonus to becoming familiar with the two wiki tools was that students now know some great restaurants to check out in Vancouver!

This jam packed hour-long session could have used 2 hours while students scrambled to capture the major differences between the two wiki applications using a handout*.

If wikis still feel tricky to you, feel free to come play in our Sandbox!

or http://slaissandbox.pbwiki.com

*Here it is: the ASIS&T Wiki Workshop Handout, filled in by Maureen Bezanson, workshop leader.

If you attended, watch your email for a survey on future workshops — and if you didn’t attend, and you’re interested in future workshops, email us for a survey invite: asist.ubc@gmail.com.

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