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Upcoming events January 20, 2009

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ASIS&T at UBC is pleased to announce several upcoming workshops for SLAIS students on techy tools to make your life easier. These workshops were designed and will be taught by the digital media interns at SLAIS.

Zotero – The Next Generation of Research Tools

Terrace Lab, Jan 29th, 12-2pm

Zotero is a Firefox that helps you collect, organize and cite your research sources. Come to the workshop if you’re tired of RefWorks — or (like me) copying down citation information by hand.

Delicious and iGoogle – Gateways to Academic Success

Terrace Lab, Feb 4th, 12-2pm

Can Delicious and iGoogle be beneficial to students and academics? Yes! Come find out how.

Delicious is a social bookmarking service that allows users to tag, save, organize, search and share web pages through the web. iGoogle provides users with a customizable web site, allowing users to put all their favorite online gadgets in one place — RSS feeds, Google Calendar, various social software, etc. It also manages URLS, usernames and passwords!

January 2009 meeting minutes posted January 18, 2009

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The minutes for the first executive meeting of the year have now been posted. You can find them in the Meeting Minutes section of the About page of this blog, or you can click here.

New executive members January 16, 2009

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The first ASIS&T at UBC meeting of 2009 was a big success — there was hardly enough room in the lounge to contain everyone who showed up! We held elections to fill the open spots on our executive: Secretary and Treasurer. We’d like to welcome Dan Hooker, our new Secretary, and Kristin Hodgins, our new Treasurer, to the ASIS&T fold!

A new Events Committee was also formed in order to organize and facilitate all the great events we plan to hold this year. Thanks to Kirsty Dickson, Melissa Chance and Tania Alekson for volunteering to be part of this committee, especially Kirsty who is acting as Committee Chair.

Our next meeting will be held on February 5 at 5pm. More details to come soon.

First meeting of 2009 January 13, 2009

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The new exec of ASIS&T @ UBC would like to invite all SLAIS students and faculty to join us for our first meeting of 2009. The meeting will be held this Thursday, January 15th, at 11am in the SLAIS lobby (at the tables near the lockers).

This will be a brief meeting where we will:

  • introduce ASIS&T and the new student chapter executives
  • demo skype (since we may use this for future meetings)
  • hold our first executive meeting when we will hold elections for the missing executive positions (treasurer & secretary),  draft a preliminary plan for 2009 events, and brainstorm how we can contribute to the ASIS&T annual meeting in Vancouver November 2009

See you on Thursday!

Passing on the Torch January 6, 2009

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ASIS&T @ UBC has some brand new executive members, and one has changed positions. As the outgoing Chair, I’d like to take the opportunity to say farewell and introduce the new crew.

Maureen Bezanson – Chair

Rowena McKernan – Vice Chair [previously Treasurer]

Emma Lawson – Secretary/Communications

Luanne Freund is now our Faculty Advisor. Thank you very much to Edie Rasmussen, who has served as our Faculty Advisor for the past year and a half.

The Treasurer and Secretary spots are currently open, so please contact the new exec members if you’re interested in being involved in a group that focuses on new technologies in the library and information professions.

It’s been a great pleasure to serve as the Chair of ASIS&T @ UBC for the past year plus. I would also like to thank our immediate past exec members, Christina Nilsen (who is working two co-op terms in Quebec/Gatineau, lucky gal) and Catherine Boden (now a SLAIS alum, congratulations Catherine!). Thanks to everyone involved!

DBLP Computer Science Bibliography January 6, 2009

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If you’re researching anything to do with HCI or any other aspect of information communication technologies, this site should be one of your stops. http://www.informatik.uni-trier.de/~ley/db/index.html

Funded by Microsoft Research and something called the Very Large Database Foundation (who knew?), and hosted at the University of Trier, this site indexes more than 1 million articles and conference proceedings authored by more than 12,000 individuals, cross-referencing them based on co-author, year, and venue (journal where published or event).

There is a faceted search option, for Ranganathan fans (http://dblp.l3s.de/?q=&newQuery=yes&resTableName=query_resultT0FSWN), and if you’re looking for fast, I mean very fast, results, the CompleteSearch interface will “zoom in” on all the articles indexed in the database by a particular author as you type the author’s name. (http://dblp.mpi-inf.mpg.de/dblp-mirror/index.php).

Most astonishing of all is that even though this is, ostensibly, a database, there is no there there – to quote Gertrude Stein – in that the data is not aggregated into a single database file but distributed throughout thousands of text files, with the core content — journal TOCs — hand-entered by human beings.

Yes, indeed. Every journal’s Table of Contents is hand-typed into a predetermined HTML format that can be easily parsed by programs written in C, Perl, and Java, “glued together by shell scripts” (to quote from the detailed FAQ). Just goes to show all us 2.0 Web babies that sometimes, the old fashioned approach can work very, very well.