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Open Access Week keynote speaker, Frits Pannakoek October 22, 2009

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Frits Pannakoek, president of Athabasca University, delivered a keynote for UBC’s Open Access week that was a call to action for librarians. Forty percent of the world’s population is currently in the teenage years, and two hundred thousand potential students among them will be competing for three-quarters as many opportunities in higher education; what, he implored us, is to be done? He admitted that Athabasca’s own initiative was born of financial need – they simply couldn’t afford to maintain journal subscriptions. From Athabasca’s crisis came Pannakoek’s supplication: the “World’s Best First Year.” Librarians, he implored, should take it upon themselves collocate the best possible set of materials for learning a relatively obtuse yet popular subject (i.e., he clarified, calculus), which could then be used by anybody, anywhere. The audience was told confidently that proceeds would still be collected from a need for user support, and from the ever-important need to issue credentials. The imminent need, in Pannakoek’s view, was that librarians make themselves present at the bargaining table, if not for which “we’d have chaos.” The speech, which was jointly televised at UBC Okanagan, was met by applause from librarians and non-librarians alike, and began the conference on a definitively optimistic note.

-Alex Garnett

ASIS&T citation workshop October 15, 2009

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Today was the debut of a new ongoing series of student led workshops sponsored by the UBC student ASIST organization.  Our innaugral topic, presented by Dan Hooker & Emileigh Kinnear was Managing Citations with Zotero and Word.

About 10 students took time from their busy schedule to attend the workshop which started out with Dan presenting on Zotero.  He showed us some of the available features including how to import and export references and grab references from various web pages automatically.  How to change the default citation style on the fly and other brief features such as adding by ISBN or DOI number and info about an Open Office plugin that is an additional option in citation management.  More documentation available at www.zotero.org

The second half of the workshop focused on Word 2007’s built in citation features.  Navigating the active text and drop down fields she demonstrated how to convert citation styles, manage both in-text and final bibliographies and how to work within the available citation fields.

Handouts were provided and they both remained afterword to answer questions.

Great job guys!!

Note:  Our second workshop will be held Nov. 5th at 12:00.  We will be demo-ing two open source content management systems popular in libraries today (Joomla and Drupal) including a live demo of an active library site.  Hope to see you there!

-Ro McKernan

October meeting minutes posted October 15, 2009

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The minutes from our October meeting have now been posted. You can find them in the Minutes section of our About page, or you can click here.

Upcoming workshop: Citation Creation October 8, 2009

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The first entry in our student-led workshop series is on Thursday, October 15!

Citation Creation, or, How to make your bibliography work for YOU

Thursday, October 15
1:00-1:45 pm
Terrace Lab

September meeting minutes posted October 6, 2009

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The minutes for the September meeting have now been posted. You can find them in the Meeting Minutes section of the About page of this blog, or you can click here.